Grit bins

Find out where your nearest grit bin is located using our interactive map. grit bin

In October 2011 the Neighbourhood Boards purchased additional grit bins that were placed in specific locations around the city, bringing the total number of grit bins to 190. These grit bins have been provided to allow road users to help spread salt on the roads and footways and to help them if they get stuck on roads that are not part of our priority gritting routes. This salt has been provided for use on roads and footways but not on private driveways. You can get more advice on how to clear snow and ice on the government website.

How do I report an empty grit bin?

We aim to keep all of our grit bins full as far as possible. If your nearest grit bin is empty during cold weather, please call Streetpride on 0333 200 6981 (9am to 3pm, Monday to Friday) and we will re-fill it for you as soon as we can.

How can I clear snow and ice?

The government website provides advice on how to clear snow and ice on the road, path or cycleway safely. This is especially useful if you live in an area that is not routinely gritted by us. You can check this on our interactive map.


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