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Published: 21 July 2020

Workman repairing road

‘Micro Asphalt’ is being used to treat over 100,000sqm of roads across the city

Derby City Council is starting a huge programme of road surface treatments at the end of July, using a process called ‘Micro Asphalt’ to treat over 100,000sqm of roads across the city. They will also be revisiting several streets that were treated last year.

This treatment is done in the lead-up to winter in order to seal the road surface against possible water and frost damage, with the added benefit of reducing the likelihood of potholes. With winter coming up, it also improves road safety by restoring skid resistance.

Kier Highways Services will complete the work on behalf of the Council. The team will work every day, including weekends from 8.00am – 6.00pm (except on busy weekday roads, where work will be restricted to off-peak hours).

Derby City Council has already notified residents whose roads are being treated, and Kier will also send letters a day or two before they plan to start work. Unfortunately, we can’t be more specific as the teams need good weather to complete the work. If there are any delays, we will do our best to keep everyone informed.

Councillor Jonathan Smale, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods, Public Protection and Streetpride commented:

Potholes are one of the most regular complaints we receive about roads in our city. That’s why we’ll be visiting almost 100 streets over the next two months to prevent them forming for years to come. This is a huge scheme that will benefit thousands of residents. I’d like to ask residents to please work with us and follow instructions like moving cars so we get the work completed quickly and safely.

To keep everyone safe, roads that are being treated will be closed temporarily while the work is completed. Residents will still be able to access their homes but may need to be patient while we make it safe for you to do so.

To make sure we can complete the work quickly and effectively, there are some things that we need residents to do to help us. They include:

  • Not parking on your road on the days we are working there (it could stop us doing any work or your vehicle may be damaged)
  • Please try to avoid sudden braking or steering manoeuvres on the new surface
  • All road markings will be replaced soon after. Please take care at junctions until the Give Way and centre line road markings are replaced
  • For their safety, please keep pets and children away from the machinery whilst the work is being carried out
  • Do not walk on the surface until the end of the work. If you do get any bitumen on your shoes or bicycle, it should come off with white spirit, but do contact us if you have any serious problems
  • Please take extra care during this period and drive slowly on the new surface.

Bin collections will continue as normal. If the work falls on your bin day, please leave your bins out as normal and the crews will collect them as quickly as possible.

Any manholes and road gullies that sit low in the road after the micro-asphalt surface treatment will be adjusted to the correct level.

We appreciate everyone’s patience while we carry out this programme of work.

Roads being treated 

RoadWardStart pointFinish point
Watson Street Darley Leaper Street Whitecross Street
Whitecross Street Darley Watson Street To end
The Orchards Allestree Abbey Hill Road To end
Briarsgate Allestree Abbey Hill Road To end
Abbey Hill Road Allestree Oakover Drive To end
Menin Road Allestree Kedleston Road To end
Lens Road Allestree Ypres Road To end
Ypres Road Allestree Kedleston Road To end
Ashbrook Close Allestree Quarn Drive To end
Quarn Drive Allestree Kedleston Road Ashbrook Drive
Baslow Drive Allestree Devenshire Avenue To end
Old Hall Avenue Littleover Burton Road To end
Twin Oaks Close Littleover Fresco Drive To end
Bramble Mews Mickleover Warner Street To end
Warner Street Mickleover Station Road Bramble Mews
Prescot Close Mickleover Catterick Drive To end
Cromer Close Mickleover Catterick Drive To end
Newbridge Crescent Chellaston Jubilee Road To end
Huntley Avenue Spondon Dale Road Pheasant Field Drive
Pheasant Field Drive Spondon Huntley Avenue Dale Road
Meadow Close Spondon South Avenue To end
Frazer Close Spondon Stewart Close To end
Montrose Close Sinfin Grampian Way To end
Inveraray Close Sinfin Grampian Way To end
Dee Close Sinfin Arran Close To end
Ryan Close Sinfin Arran Close To end
Arran Close Sinfin Redwood Road Rimsdale Close
Osprey Close Sinfin Deep Dale Lane To end
Ettrick Drive Sinfin Wragley Way To Roundabout
Bridge Street including Lodge Lane Darley Agard Street Garden Street
Prince Charles Way Mackworth Knightsbridge/ Sloane Road Bromton Road
South Avenue Littleover Burton Road Valley Road
Lawns Head Avenue Littleover Burton Road Crich Avenue
Scarborough Rise Derwent Langdale Drive Perth Street
Bishops Drive Oakwood Timsbury Court Springwood Drive / Wayfaring Road
Buchan Street Sinfin Marlborough Road Addison Road
Marlborough Road Sinfin Peveril Street Elton Road
Peveril Street Sinfin Osmaston Park Road Osmaston Road
Addison Road Sinfin Campbell Street Elton Road
Gresham Road Sinfin Hawthorn Street Osmaston Road
Hawthorn Street Sinfin Elton Road Nightingdale Road
St Chads Road Arboretum Empress Way Whitaker Road
Beckett Street Arboretum Macklin Street Wardwick
Lower Eley Street Arboretum Spa Lane Check extents
Spa Lane Arboretum Abbey Street Burton Road
Webster Street Arboretum Gerard Street To end
Sitwell Street Arboretum Babington Lane To end
Back Sitwell Street Arboretum Sitwell Street Wilmot Street
Willmott Street East Arboretum Osmaston Road To end
Willmott Street West Arboretum Normanton Road To end
The Avenue Arboretum Leopold Street Charnwood Street
Hartington Street Arboretum Normanton Street Osmaston Road
Leonard Close Arboretum Osmaston Road To end
Twyford Street Arboretum Grove Street Harriet Street
Grove Street Arboretum Normanton Road To End
Dexter Street Arboretum Osmaston Road To end
Arboretum Street Arboretum Morleston Street To end
Morleston Street Arboretum Arboretum Street Osmaston Road
Belvoir Street Normanton Porter Road Clarence Road
Haddon Street Normanton Porter Road Clarence Road
Balfour Road Normanton Balaclava Road To end
Bethulie Road Normanton Balaclava Road Portland Street
Chatham Street Normanton Randolph Road Village Street
Hastings Street Normanton Middleton Street To end
Middleton Street Normanton Hasting Street Walbrook Road
Beaumont Walk Normanton Caxton Street To end
Sinfin Lane (service road) Normanton Kitchener Avenue Rawlinson Avenue
Edale Avenue Abbey Palmerston Street Carlton Road

Streets having remedial work

  • Penrhyn Avenue
  • Littleover Lane
  • Bideford Drive
  • Stenson Avenue
  • Grenfell Ave
  • Kendon Avenue
  • Caxton Street
  • Howth Close
  • Foyle Avenue
  • Browning Street
  • Blackmore Street
  • Thorness Close
  • Shalfleet Drive
  • Kevin Close
  • Brookfield Avenue
  • Barnard Road
  • Chapter Close
  • Buttermere Drive
  • Moorway Lane
  • Village Street
  • Wakami Crescent/Simcoe Leys

Letter to residents from Kier about Micro Asphalt

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