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Breastfeeding welcome hereBusinesses who actively make their premises welcome for mothers to breastfeed can have a positive impact on making women feel able to breastfeed in public.

This is not only good for mum and baby, but for your business as well:

Breastfeeding also has lifelong health benefits for both baby and mother. So if your business signs up to the award, you’ll be making a positive contribution to the health of people in Derby.

Applying for the Breastfeeding Welcome Here Award

The scheme is free to join.

The application process may involve a brief inspection of your premises. You can achieve the award if you:

<Apply for the Breastfeeding Welcome Here Award>

If your application is successful, we'll award you with a ‘welcome to breastfeed here’ certificate and window sticker so that mums know that you officially support and encourage breastfeeding.