eCargo bikes are coming to Derby!

Published: 22 May 2020

Council House at night

Derby is to get its own fleet of electric cargo bikes

Derby is to get its own fleet of electric cargo bikes, thanks to funding awarded from the £2 million ‘eCargo Bike Grant Fund’ delivered by the Energy Saving Trust.

Councils across England were invited to bid for up to £200,000 each to purchase e-cargo bikes for use by local businesses or deployment within their own fleets.

The successful £41,824 bid, will bring eight eCargo bikes to the city, and the scheme will deliver three trial areas:

Derby City Council Internal FleetCycle Derby will use one bike to transport bikes to schools for the Learn to Ride and Balance sessions

Local project delivery partnersBike Back Derby will use one of the bikes to carry out mobile repairs and bike collections.  Sustrans will use one to support the job seekers support initiative.

Local businesses – five bikes will be made available to local companies on a ‘try before they buy’ basis for up to six months. Local businesses can email to register interest.

eCargo cycles are a common sight around Europe and are popular in Holland, Germany and Denmark.

Councillor Matthew Holmes, Deputy Leader, and Cabinet Member for Planning, Regeneration and Transportation said:

I’m delighted that Derby has once again been successful in securing funding that helps promote sustainable travel and builds upon the tens of £millions of government monies recently announced for the City. We’re a city of innovative transport engineering and are focussed on solutions that tackle climate change, poor air quality, and improve the physical and mental wellbeing of our residents and workers. eCargo bikes offer an excellent cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to moving freight around, and I look forward to seeing this scheme established across the city as one of a growing number of alternative travel options.

Tim Anderson, Head of Transport at Energy Saving Trust, said:

The Department for Transport eCargo Bike Grant Fund attracted a significant number of applications. The 18 local authorities who have successfully secured funding will purchase a total of 273 ecargo bikes and nine ecargo bike trailers, enabling more businesses to benefit from access. eCargo bikes are an attractive low carbon transport solution which offer important benefits, most impressively fuel cost savings and contributing to improved local air quality. Last mile delivery is an important area for consideration in our journey to reduce transport emissions to net zero by 2050.

The eCargo Bike Grant Fund scheme is funded by the Department for Transport and delivered by Energy Saving Trust.

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