Derby’s vaccination centre to relocate at the end of August

Published: 12 August 2021

Midland House

From Thursday 26 August the vaccination centre will operate from Midland House

Plans are being finalised to relocate Derbyshire’s major vaccination centre from the end of the month, as the Covid-19 vaccination programme moves into its third phase.

Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust (DCHS), in partnership with Derby City Council – the owners of Derby Arena – have agreed to relocate the service when the current lease expires at the end of the month.

From Thursday 26 August the vaccination centre will operate from Midland House, 1 Nelson St, Derby, DE1 2SA.

William Jones, Chief Operating Officer & Accountable Emergency Officer, said:

 The Midlands House site offers an ideal location with excellent transport links, parking and ample space for patients and staff supporting the programme. We are very grateful to the Department for Education for allowing us to make good use of the facility.

The move out of Derby Arena will begin on 15 August and over the course of 10 days we will move all necessary equipment to the new site, restarting the service from 26 August. The service will remain as a strong and collaborative partnership between DCHS and Derby’s GPs as part of the local primary care network. It will also allow the Arena to return to its primary use as an entertainment venue and sporting facility.

Commenting on the progress to date, Dr Drew Smith, local GP and Clinical Director for the vaccination centre, said:

Derby Arena has played an incredibly important role as the county’s major vaccination centre for the past eight months, vaccinating well over half a million people from Covid-19. We’re delighted with everything we’ve collectively achieved during an unprecedented time local health and care services, undoubtedly saving thousands of lives and preventing many more from becoming seriously ill.

Rachel North, Deputy Chief Executive, Derby City Council, added:

 The collaboration and dedication of NHS, Council and volunteer teams across Derby has made the Arena a fantastic venue to undertake our programme to vaccinate the citizens. It is this partnership that will enable a seamless transition to the new site and continue the positive momentum.

Dr Robyn Dewis, Director of Public Health, Derby City Council, said:

The vaccination programme has been an incredibly efficient operation and all credit is due to the teams and individuals that have supported the effort. Vaccination is a vital part of reducing transmission within the city, and it’s been fantastic to see how many citizens have taken up the offer of the vaccine. We would encourage everyone who hasn’t already booked in for their jab to do so as soon as possible to give them the best possible protection against Covid-19.

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