Sons and Daughters Month 2021: A Big Thank you!

Published: 5 October 2021

Two boys playing

This month we celebrate those who welcome new members of the family

Our foster carers and their families offer children and young people the chance to live in a warm and happy home. We know the children in our fostering families play an important role in helping the young person they foster to feel welcomed and loved.

This October we are joining The Fostering Network in celebrating Sons and Daughters month across the UK. This is a chance for us to say a huge thank you for all those children and young people who make an amazing difference to the lives of those that join their family. We know it is not always easy to share your toys, your space and your family and that makes what sons and daughters do even more incredible.

Councillor Evonne Williams, Cabinet member for children and young people said,

Sons and Daughters month is incredibly important to those involved in fostering and the fostering services. We often tend to lose focus on children who are already living in a home prior to a foster child joining their family.

This month presents the perfect opportunity to show how much we appreciate what they are doing for the fostering world. It may not be an easy task to undertake on a normal day, let alone the past year, but those who have undertaken it truly are incredible”.

We are busy at the moment in the Fostering Team thinking and planning what we can do to show the children of our foster carers how much we appreciate what they do, so watch this space!

If you want to learn more about Sons and Daughters Month or are thinking of fostering, visit The Fostering Network.

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