CCTV in hackney carriage and private hire vehicles consultation

Published: 4 February 2022

Derby taxis

Taxis in rank in city centre

Derby City Council is looking for views on plans for introducing Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras in hackney carriage and private hire vehicles (licensed taxis and cabs) in the city.

The consultation, which is open until Wednesday 20 April, has been set up to get feedback on the proposals.

The Council is the city’s licensing authority, and regularly reviews best practise. The Department of Transport (DfT) sets out standards – many of which are already embedded across the city – however, there is not currently a requirement for CCTV within licensed taxis and cabs.

The DfT standards suggest that all licensing authorities should consult locally to understand whether CCTV in vehicles would have either a positive or negative effect on the safety of taxi and cab users, including children or vulnerable adults, and taking into account potential privacy issues.

Councillor Matthew Eyre, Cabinet Member for Place and Community Development said:

“The use of CCTV cameras within hackney carriage and private hire vehicles could provide a safer environment for both the driver and passengers and could deter and even prevent crime. CCTV could also assist the police in investigating incidents which may occur.

“In order to have the CCTV cameras in licensed taxis and cabs, the Council would need to be able to demonstrate that this is an appropriate response to local issues and can be justified.

We are looking for opinions and thoughts on the proposals, and I encourage everyone to have their say.”

The consultation on the introduction CCTV will be open until Wednesday 20 April. Residents can find more information and submit their responses on the Let’s Talk Derby website.

Responses to the consultation will be taken back to the Council’s Licensing Committee in due course, to consider and take a decision on the installation of CCTV.

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