New changes to speed up energy rebate payments

Published: 7 July 2022

£150 Energy Rebate

Apply online by 11 July to have your rebate paid into your bank account

Derby City Council is making changes to the way we’re paying the Government’s £150 energy rebate to make sure all eligible households receive it more quickly.

To make this happen, the last date for applying online for your energy rebate payment will be Monday 11 July at 10am.

If you haven’t applied by then, the Council will send you vouchers that you can exchange for cash.

Since May, more than 80,000 households have received their rebate. Residents who pay their Council Tax by Direct Debit have received their rebate straight into their bank accounts. Those who pay in another way have been invited to apply online, where they can choose between receiving the money direct into their bank account, or to have it credited to their Council Tax account.

The final direct payments to bank accounts will be made on 19 July and will cover everyone who applied online between 29 June and 11 July who chose to receive their rebate in this way, and whose applications have been validated.

Households who apply online to have the rebate credited to their Council Tax bill by the 11 July deadline will have the money credited to the Council Tax account during that week, and will be sent an updated Council Tax bill.

If you haven’t applied for an energy rebate payment by 10am on Monday 11 July, or if you have requested a payment into your bank account but have not received it by 19 July, then you will be sent two vouchers for £75, totalling £150, which can be exchanged for cash at any PayPoint outlet.

Both vouchers will need to be cashed by 31 August and ID will be required. If you do not cash them  by this time, your Council Tax account will be credited instead. More information, including details of who is eligible for the payment, is on our energy rebate page.

The Council is introducing voucher payments because of issues with validating some bank account details. This doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with the bank accounts, but it has meant delays with some payments.

Councillor Jon Smale, Cabinet Member for Finance, Digital and Culture, said:

We want to speed up the process for paying all remaining eligible households, and sending vouchers is the best way of ensuring the payments reach everyone who needs it as quickly as possible.

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