Gender pay gap announced

Published: 30 March 2022

Council House at night

Derby City Council today announces its gender pay gap results

Derby City Council today announces its gender pay gap results, which shows a positive picture with the mean gap at £0.35 per hour between female and male staff and the median gap at £0.00.

The results show a change from 2020/21 figures of £0.25.

Mean Female Pay

 £                                15.73

Mean Male Pay

 £                                15.38


 £                                 0.35

Mean Gender Pay Gap



Median Female Pay

 £                                13.52

Median Male Pay

 £                                13.52


 £                                 0.00

Median Gender Pay Gap



The Council’s overall workforce is 66% female and 34% male and aims for similar proportions across pay grades. 

With 70% female and 30% male staff in the upper quartile, the overall workforce is broadly reflected.  This is also the case in the upper-middle quartile, with 63% female and 37% male, and in the lower quartiles with a 67%/33% female/male split in the lower-middle quartiles, and 64%/36% in the lower quartiles.

The Equality Act 2010 Regulations 2017 requires employers with 250 or more employees to publish statutory calculations every year showing how large the pay gap is between their male and female staff based on a series of calculations to provide a fair and accurate summary of pay.

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