Client of the Month - September

Published: 26 September 2022

Livewell client of the month - Sept - Gary Fisher

Gary Fisher Livewell client of the month

What a difference a year makes! 11 months ago 57-year-old Gary Fisher could barely run for a bus, now he can jog 21km (or 13.1 miles) non-stop! He completed a half marathon in June and has his sights set on a full marathon before he’s 60.

Nominated by his advisor, Joe, Gary – a quality manager from Borrowash - explains how he’s lost 1.5 stone and built up his fitness:

Like a lot of people I ate a lot more and moved a lot less during the pandemic, especially as I was furloughed for a long time. This not only made me gain weight but impacted on my mental health too.I joined Derby Joggers’ Couch to 5k course last Summer to shed the pounds and feel better about myself. Although I’d used gyms before, I never kept it up and hadn’t run on the roads before. Through the excellent support of the leaders and other members, I graduated on 11 September 2021 and haven’t looked back. Joining Livewell that same month, I felt ready to tackle my weight head-on as it was still in the obese category. Running regularly meant my fitness was improving but I needed to change my eating habits. With Joe’s support, I cut down on the three Bs – Beer, Butter and Bread which were my biggest downfall. It’s true that when you do something for 21 days, it becomes a habit, so I also cut out chocolate and crisps and try to stay away from high calorie foods which I don’t miss now at all. Continuing with Derby Joggers I’ve gradually built up my distance and I was proud and elated to complete the Derby 10k in April and the Derby Half Marathon in June – something I never thought I could do. The regular phone support from Joe spurred me on and helped me believe in myself. I used the gym membership that comes with Livewell to start playing squash again at Springwood Leisure Centre as we get a good discount on court hire. Losing one and a half stone and 8% of my body weight has done wonders for my health and I’m the lightest I’ve been for years. My two grown-up sons and grandchildren are very proud of their healthy dad/grandad! My joint pain has eased and my asthma is under control. In fact, I feel so positive about my Livewell journey that my wife has joined and I’ve recommended the programme to other family members too. To anyone thinking about starting to jog – Derby Joggers is a great group to join. It doesn’t matter if you have never run or have fears about being at the back, this friendly bunch caters for all levels and no one is left behind! With my new passion for running, I’ll be racing in the Wilne 10k and Derby 10 Mile event this Autumn but my long-term aim is to run a marathon in my 60th year and maybe become a jog leader myself!

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