Reporting fraud

We are working in partnership with South Derbyshire District Council to tackle fraud.

We have a dedicated team of investigators working to ensure that we are protected from fraudsters and to protect the public purse.

What is fraud?

Fraud can involve:

  • Providing false information and/or false documents
  • failing to declare true circumstances to mislead the council
  • failing to report changes in circumstances to continue to receive discounts, exemptions, goods and services that the person is not entitled to

What types of fraud do we investigate?

We will look into all cases of fraud reported to us.

These include:

Social Housing Fraud

We will investigate any report of tenancy fraud. This includes sub-letting, applications for housing and right to buys.

Council Tax Reduction Scheme Fraud

The Council Tax Reduction Scheme is to help those on a low income to pay Council Tax. Anyone receiving this reduction has a duty to notify us of any changes in their circumstances. If you suspect anybody of failing to report a change, please let us know.

Council Tax Single Person Discount Fraud

An adult over the age of 18 living alone will qualify for a 25% reduction on their Council Tax bill.

If you suspect someone is receiving this reduction but there is more then one adult at the address please let us know.

Council Tax Student Exemption

A property solely occupied by students is exempt from Council Tax charges.

If you suspect a property is not solely occupied by students and may be receiving this exemption please let us know.

Business Rates (National non-domestic rates)

Business Rate fraud can be:

  • Falsely claiming mandatory or discretionary rate relief or empty property exemption
  • failure to declare occupancy of a property
  • falsely using insolvency status with the intent to evade payment; and,
  • not disclosing relevant information, such as the size of the company, to gain rate relief

If you suspect a business rate fraud please let us know.

Any other fraud involving Council services

If you suspect anyone of committing fraud against any area of the council please let us know.

How can I report fraud?

We rely on members of the public reporting their concerns to us. Your knowledge and information is vital.

If you suspect anybody of committing fraud please tell us - you can remain anonymous.



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