Tree management

Derby is proud its trees in our parks, open spaces and streets and many residents enjoy living in a leafy and green environment.

Trees are major capital assets and bring a sense of relaxation to our bustling city and provide us with many benefits. Streetpride manage and maintain all Council-owned trees throughout the city.

How do I report a problem with a tree?

For tree-related problems next to the highway, on parks and open spaces, cemeteries and any other Council land, please contact Streetpride directly.

If you are a Derby Homes tenant, or wish to report a tree-related problem on Derby Homes land, please contact Derby Homes directly.

For emergencies outside these hours, please contact Careline on 01332 256060.

Which trees are not maintained by Streetpride?

Streetpride do not carry out work on trees:

  • in private gardens or leasehold gardens
  • on private property
  • in the gardens of housing association properties
  • on certain main roads such as:
    • A38
    • A516 from the city hospital roundabout to the city boundary heading towards Etwall
    • A52 Raynesway to the city boundary at Spondon
    • A5111 Raynesway, from its junction with the A52 to its junction with new A6 Alvaston bypass
    • A6 Alvaston bypass from the above junction to the city boundary.

These roads are maintained by the Highways Agency.

What about trees on school premises?

Schools are responsible for trees in their grounds. We do tree works on schools trees if a school asks us to do so.

We cannot impose our tree management policy on schools, but we do recommend it to them as a guide for good tree management.

If you have tree issues, please contact the school concerned.

What work do you consider carrying out on your trees?

The main reason for pruning or felling is to maintain trees in a safe condition and remove legal nuisance.

We only prune trees if they are causing a nuisance such as:

  • obstructing footpaths or roads
  • touching/damaging buildings
  • obscuring street-lamps or road-signs.
  • the tree(s) are dead or to be in such poor condition to be a danger to the public
  • considered by the Council to be unsuitable for the location
  • as part of an agreed management plan
  • are suppressing the growth of better trees
  • they form part of an essential development
  • proven to be causing significant structural damage
  • have damaged a path causing a hazard, where root pruning or repair is not an option
  • the benefit is so limited by where it is, that the inconveniences outweigh all arguments in favour of keeping the tree(s).

Tree work that we will not normally consider carrying out include:

  • works that will result in a loss to the wider community
  • works where a tree is perceived to be too large
  • pruning of overhanging branches that are not causing an actionable nuisance.
  • shading/loss of light to properties
  • minor or seasonal 'nuisances' such as leaf litter, flower fall, mess caused by birds, mess from fruit or seed fall, problems associated with pollen or sticky secretions from insects and aphids - for example, 'Honeydew'
  • effects on TV reception (satellite or terrestrial television)
  • obstruction of views
  • interference with private vegetation
  • obstruction to CCTV cameras
  • obstruction of telephone/utility cables (these are the responsibility of the statutory undertaker such as a utilities provider).
  • works to benefit an individual even if they are willing to pay for the removal and replacement of a tree
  • anything with the perceived risk that it will cause subsidence in the future
  • causing disruption to pavements, kerbs, garden paths and walls. In these cases, engineering solutions will be sought.

In all these cases, the Council must provide authorisation before a tree can be pruned or removed. Sometimes we will need to involve structural or highway engineers in the decision.

Contact for advice on insurance.

When we have to remove a tree we will normally replant another in the same place, or as near as we can.

What are the most common tree-related problems?

The tree drops a sticky substance

We will not remove trees for this and pruning or spraying does not resolve this problem.

Aphids feed on the sap from the leaves of some trees. While feeding they discharge a sugar solution.

The sugar solution does not affect paintwork on cars if washed regularly. Washing will also prevent any growth of sooty mould on other surfaces.

Aphids are a seasonal problem that is less of an issue some years than others.

The tree is shedding leaves, fruits and seeds and is causing a mess

Pruning will not help this problem as trees will quickly replace removed leaves.

Leaves and seeds are carried freely on the wind and are outside our control. Clearing of leaves from gutters and pathways and weeding are normal routine seasonal maintenance that property owners are expected to carry out.

Street cleansing should prevent leaves fruits and seeds causing a problem. For more information on when your street is cleaned, please contact Streetpride.

Birds are causing a mess with droppings

Although inconvenient, this is not a good enough reason to remove the tree. Pruning will not solve this problem as birds will sit on the remaining branches.


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