Health and safety frequently asked questions

A worker is entitled to a 20 minute uninterrupted break when working more than six hours.

The break should be taken during working time and not at the start or end of the working day.

Young workers are entitled to a 30 minute break if they are required to work more than four and a half hours.

Generally a worker is entitled to a rest period of 11 consecutive hours in each 24 hour period, and is entitled to one day off a week. There are exemptions to this.

Young workers are entitled to 12 uninterrupted hours rest in each 24 hour period and 2 days off a week.

If you need further advice regarding rest breaks or time off you can contact ACAS online or telephone 0300 123 1100.

Employers have a legal obligation to provide a ‘reasonable’ temperature within the workplace.

Employers should carry out a risk assessment to determine what the reasonable temperature should be based upon the nature of the workplace and implement controls accordingly.

The Approved Code of Practice suggests that the minimum temperature should be 16oC or 13oC if the work requires rigorous physical effort.

There is currently no guidance on maximum working temperatures.

If required, employers should provide suitable personal protective equipment for their employees.

Employers cannot require employees to pay for any personal protective equipment which is only used at work.

For information on preventing accidents within your home, visit the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents website.

For further information in relation to health and safety of your privately rented home, please see the Housing Standards pages.

If you have concerns about the safety of a product you have purchased please visit our Trading Standards pages.