Weed control

Streetpride weed control servicesWe provide a weed control service, helping you keep a clean and tidy weed-free environment.

Weeds are unwanted wild plants which appear in your grounds, often growing not only in flower beds and shrubberies, but in footpaths, patios or around your premises.

As well as being unsightly, weeds often compete with any cultivated plants you have. They can take a lot of time and effort to control and eradicate.

We use a professional, approved, safe-to-use herbicide to spot treat your unwanted plants, and we apply it using the latest equipment and machinery to give you a complete weed control service.

We can treat both small and large weed areas, and use a vehicle mounted applicator to tackle larger areas as efficiently as possible, saving us time and you money.

Streetpride Japanese knotweed control serviceDo you think you have Japanese Knotweed?

Our Grounds Maintenance Officers have the skills and knowledge to identify Japanese Knotweed.

This is regarded as single most problematic invasive species in the UK.

We can work with you to identify and eradicate this highly destructive plant.

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