Winter maintenance services

Streetpride winter maintenance services

When the elements turn against us, our Highways team provides winter gritting services across Derby. These aim to minimise delays, accidents and damage on the road network and provide safe pedestrian access in the city.

We use up-to-date, cutting-edge vehicles and equipment to run this service as effectively and efficiently as possible. This includes a range of fleet with built-in technology to ensure the correct areas are treated with the correct amount of salt.

We can provide a cost-effective winter maintenance package which is preventative and reactive throughout the winter season.

Streetpride winter maintenance grit binsOur services include:

  • ‌pre-salting and gritting of access routes, car parks and footpaths
  • snow clearance.
  • provision of grit bins and grit
  • professional advice from our team.

‌We understand winter maintenance is not a one-size-fits-all approach and an option could be for you to purchase one of our grit bins to maintain your premises in house. We can then provide a service to re-stock you with salt throughout the winter period, to make sure you never run out.

In the run up to winter look out for our winter maintenance adverts at the IPRO Stadium and on petrol nozzles at all local petrol stations.