Requesting access to CCTV

The Data Protection Act 2018 allows individuals to request CCTV footage. Requests can be made in relation to:

  • police investigations
  • legal proceedings/ insurance purposes
  • the right to access (also known as subject access requests)

Please complete the CCTV request form to assist in dealing with your request.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long is CCTV held for?

    We hold CCTV for 28 days. Any requests for the footage must be made before the end of the 28 day period.

  • What information do I need to provide in my request for footage?

    To help us find the footage, you must provide us with as much relevant detail as possible, such as:

    • date
    • time
    • location
    • description of the footage, such as:
      • what happens
      • details of any individuals involved
      • details of any vehicles involved, including the colour and registration
  • Can I request footage of a road traffic accident or a crime I was involved in?

    Individuals are entitled to only request their own personal data, and not of any third parties involved. As a result, any requests in relation to a crime or road traffic accident will need to be made by the relevant organisation such as the police, insurers or solicitors as they have legal powers to request footage in its entirety.

  • What footage of myself can I request?

    You can request footage of yourself, however you are unable to access footage of other people. Any footage may need to be pixelated to protect their identity and personal information.

  • Do I need to provide any documentation?

    You must provide sufficient proof of identity. We accept any two of the following as proof of identity, at least one of which must be photographic identification:

    • Benefit entitlement letter to your current address
    • Birth certificate
    • Building society account book
    • Bus pass – issued by Derby City Council
    • Current driving licence photocard
    • Current driving licence - paper version (if issued before 1998)
    • Identity card – civil service, armed forces, police
    • National health card
    • Any official letter from Revenues & Customs
    • Passport
    • Pension book
    • Rent book
    • Recent utility bill

    For footage of a vehicle, we also require proof that you own the vehicle. This can be evidenced with one of the following:

    • Certificate of road tax
    • Vehicle log book
    • Insurance documentation

    Please only send scanned copies by post and not originals. We can validate originals at the Council House - please ensure you give us a call when you are planning to come in so that we can make sure someone is around to process this.

  • Where are the CCTV cameras?

    CCTV is in various locations across the city of Derby. A more detailed list can be found on our Publication Scheme.

Contact details

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Information Governance
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Phone: 01332 640763
Minicom: 01332 640666
Information Governance
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