Safeguarding vulnerable adults

Organisations across Derby and Derbyshire are working together to ensure that:

  • adults living in Derby are supported to safeguard themselves from abuse and can report any concerns they may have
  • there is a zero tolerance approach to the abuse of Adults at Risk where this occurs.

Who does this apply to?

Under the Care Act 2014, the safeguarding adults procedures apply to anyone aged 18 or over who:

  • is in need of care and support
  • is at risk of, or is experiencing abuse or neglect
  • is unable to keep themselves safe because of their care and support needs.

What do we mean by 'abuse'?

Abuse is a violation of a person's rights or dignity by someone else. There are many kinds of abuse:


This could be hitting, slapping, pushing or kicking.


This includes rape and sexual assault or sexual acts to which the adult at risk:

  • has not consented
  • could not consent
  • was pressured into consenting.


This could be:

  • emotional abuse
  • threats of harm or abandonment
  • depriving the person of contact
  • humiliating
  • blaming
  • controlling
  • intimidating
  • coercing
  • harassing
  • verbally abusing
  • isolating
  • withdrawing the person from services or support networks.

Financial or material

This includes:

  • theft
  • fraud
  • exploitation
  • pressure in connection with wills, property, inheritance or financial transactions
  • misusing or misappropriating property, possessions or benefits.

Neglect or acts of omission

This includes:

  • ignoring medical or physical care needs
  • failing to provide access to appropriate health care, social care or education services
  • misusing medication
  • inadequate nutrition or heating.


This includes:

  • racist behaviour
  • sexist behaviour
  • harassment based on a person's ethnicity, race, culture, sexual orientation, age or disability
  • other forms of harassment, slurs or similar treatment.

Who commits abuse?

It can be done by anyone, including:

  • relatives or family members
  • professional staff
  • paid care workers
  • volunteers
  • other users of services
  • neighbours
  • friends and associates
  • strangers.

Where you can get help

If you are the victim of abuse or you think you know someone who is being or has been abused, it is really important to get help and advice. Contact us and we will take your concerns seriously.

Our contact details

During office hours (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm)

Contact details to make a referral to Derby City Council, Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH):

  • Telephone: 01332 642855
  • Minicom: 01332 640666
  • Fax: 01332 643299

Outside office hours

You can contact Careline (Derby's out of hours emergency social care service):

  • Telephone: 01332 786968
  • Minicom: 01332 785642
  • Fax: 01332 786965
  • SMS text message number: 07890 034081 (for Deaf people only)

If something needs to be done straight away to protect someone from abuse or harm, call the emergency number 999 (24 hours). The Deaf and hearing impaired community can use the National Short Message Servive (SMS) Emergency Service. To use this service you will need to register at

Alternatively, if it is a non-emergency criminal matter, you can call the local police on telephone number 101, text 07800 002414 or fax 01773 571102.

Introduction to Safeguarding in Derby

This video introduces the city’s safeguarding leads, gives an overview of what they do and educates the viewer on how to make a referral if they think an adult may be at risk.

Useful forms


Contact details

Post address:
Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub
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Phone: 01332 640777
Minicom: 01332 640666
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