Advocacy service - Someone to speak on your behalf

Advocacy means having someone to help you express your views and wishes if you find it difficult to do this yourself.

An advocate is not there to provide information and advice.

Because an advocate should be independent, we don't directly provide an advocacy service but we do fund a local organisation to provide independent advocacy.

One Advocacy Derby imageAdvocacy service

ONE Advocacy Derby is the city’s integrated advocacy service provided through a partnership between Citizens Advice and Law Centre and Derbyshire Advocacy Service.

This service brings together all independent statutory and non-statutory advocacy in Derby, so if you need support from an advocate, you can access it from one point.

Statutory advocacy

This includes the provision of an independent mental capacity advocate (IMCA) service for people who, because of mental health problems or a learning disability, don't have the capacity to make their own decisions. Referrals will usually be made by social care workers or health providers.

Under the Mental Health Act, qualifying patients with mental health difficulties who are either; detained under the MHA, conditionally discharged restricted patients or under supervised community treatment orders, are able to access an independent mental health advocate (IMHA) service. Referrals can be made by social care workers and health providers. Patients may also refer themselves to this service.

Under the Care Act, people who have substantial difficulty in understanding social care processes may also be entitled to advocacy. Social care workers will be responsible for deciding who to refer for advocacy services.

Specialist advocacy

Specialist advocacy supports vulnerable people who are unable to represent themselves in order to make their voice heard. A vulnerable person or their carer may refer themselves directly or a referral can be made by social care workers and health providers.

NHS Complaints Service

ONE Advocacy Derby also provide an NHS Independent Complaints Advocacy service (NHS ICA) to support you if you need to challenge your healthcare arrangements.

Single Point of Access

As Derby’s single point of access to all advocacy services, you will be quickly directed to the most appropriate support. ONE Advocacy Derby has a 'once and done' system which means that you or your client will normally only ever need to complete one assessment no matter how many times you use any of ONE Advocacy Derby’s services.

Types of advocacy

Other types of advocacy include:

support to empower people to get their voices heard and make informed choices about their care and support.

Citizen advocacy
where trained volunteers and carers provide personalised support.

Group advocacy
which allows people with similar backgrounds to come together to have their voices heard.

Community advocacy
which is advocates providing support out in Derby’s communities.


If you wish to make a referral for advocacy support, please use the online referral form or contact ONE Advocacy Derby.

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ONE Advocacy Derby
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