Local land charges: search

It is a full and comprehensive search of the Council's property records. We answer a series of questions and can provide the official certificate LLC1 – a search of all items in the Local Land Charges Register. We also provide answers to, enquiries of a local authority on form CON29R and form Con29O.

Relevant records are searched to make sure that there are no hidden surprises, for example:

  • a new bypass planned for the bottom of your garden
  • notices requiring you to take action to fix outstanding problems with your property
  • planning consents and those that have conditions attached
  • tree preservation orders
  • conservation areas
  • Listed buildings
  • Section 106 agreements with developers about land use and any restrictions
  • smoke control orders.

Items revealed on the CON29R part of the search include Planning, Highways, Environmental Health, Housing, Drainage and Building Control Issues. An additional set of optional questions, CON29O, can be asked if extra information is required. We can answer these and solicitors' own questions on payment of an extra fee.

From 1 April 2020, the amount of site history that we reveal relating to planning application history has changed. From that date in the LLC1, we will reveal conditional planning applications back to 1 August 1977. CON29 planning site history as part of a search will be revealed back to 1 April 2000. This is due to earlier records not being digitised.

If you require pre 1 April 2000 planning consent information, please contact us as an additional fee may apply.

  • from 1 April 2023, a local authority produced standard residential search costs £114.50
  • from 1 April 2023, a local authority produced commercial search costs £324.65.

For further information about our prices, see our local land charges fees.

  • online
  • by BACS automated payment
  • by setting up monthly account facilities.

Paying for your Local Land Charges search online

To pay online you will need a debit or credit card

  1. Visit our online payments service             
  2. Select the items you require and complete the details
  3. If you aren't sure of the fee required contact us.

Paying for your Local Land Charges search by BACS

To set up BACS (automated payment system for banks), please contact us.

As soon as you have made your payment, please email landcharges@derby.gov.uk your remittance quoting the following information:

  • the sort code 30-92-59
  • the account number 00006306
  • the reference 1000071 S1055 BACS
  • the details of the search, information or documents that you require.

Paying for your Local Land Charges search with a monthly account

Please contact us and, once set up, we will send an invoice with details of the searches carried out on a monthly basis. You will then be able to email all search requests with the relevant plans to landcharges@derby.gov.uk.

You would normally pay your account monthly by direct debit by the 15th of the month following the receipt of a request.

Our current turnaround time is approximately 7 working days. Please note that this turnaround time can change on a daily basis.

We can provide copies of documents that are referred to in a search response. For more details, email landcharges@derby.gov.uk.