Money advice

Where can I get advice on money/debt problems or help with budgeting?

Derby Advice's Money Advice team gives free, confidential and independent advice on any money/debt problems, on budgeting, and on all welfare benefits.

Read the ‌ and call the Money Advice line if you need more help.

Who can the Money Advice team help?

It can advise:

  • tenants of Derby Homes, the organisation that manages the Council's social housing  
  • local councillors who represent Derby residents, and
  • professionals working in Derby for voluntary sector organisations.

What help can the Money Advice team give me?

It can help you:

  • plan your weekly and monthly budget
  • sort out your debts, identify the most important debts, and take action
  • negotiate with the people or companies you owe money to
  • give advice on court procedures, help with replying to court documents, and represent you at court appearances, where appropriate.

How can the Money Advice team help me deal with my debts?

It can offer you advice on:

  • handling your debts
  • negotiating with your creditors and   
  • dealing with Debt Relief Orders or bankruptcy.

The Money Advice team's golden rules of good money management

  • Calculate your weekly incoming and out goings - a money adviser can help you to look at how much money you have coming in and what you are spending it on.
  • Make sure that you pay your priorities - Mortgage/rent, Council Tax, utilities,  and get advice about reducing your non-priorities such as bank loans, payday loans, credit cards and catalogues.
  • Check your benefit entitlements - the benefit system is complicated and changing all the time. Many people are not getting all the benefits that they are entitled to or don't know what to do if they have been refused a benefit. The benefit system may be able to help you with a wider range of things than you think such as giving you help with your housing costs, help with your health and travel costs and providing grants or loans if you are facing a difficult situation in life.
  • Avoid Payday loans if possible. Payday loans are not a solution to debt problems - the fees and interest are normally very high, often over 1,000% APR. If you have to take out a Payday loan borrow as little as possible for as short a time as possible.
  • Don't avoid opening bills or dealing with bills you can’t pay. Seek advice as soon as you feel you cannot manage.
  • Shop around to make sure you are getting the best deal on your utilities, housing costs, phone bills, shopping and driving costs.

What is the Council's Fair Repayment Promise?

If you owe money to the Council such as rent or Council Tax, your repayment will be at an affordable rate.

How can I get advice on welfare benefits?

Derby Advice's Benefits advice line can help.

Derby Advice Training

Derby Advice is the main provider of welfare rights and money advice training for public and voluntary sector organisations in the East Midlands. Contact Derby Advice to discuss your organisation's training needs. For more information, please visit our Derby Advice Training page.

Advice from other agencies

If you are worried about paying you rent or mortgage, Shelter can provide advice to help prevent problems getting out of hand. Contact Shelter on:

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