Welfare rights - advice

Where can I get advice on welfare benefits?

The Derby Advice team provides free, confidential and independent advice on all welfare benefits, including:

How does Derby Advice deliver welfare benefits information and advice?

Derby Advice delivers it:

  • in person - on an appointment basis at our Customer Service Reception. Contact Derby Advice to make an appointment
  • through the Benefits advice line - to residents, and to professionals who represent or support clients. Call the Benefits advice line
  • at home - if getting to our Customer Service Reception is difficult for you. Contact Derby Advice to make an appointment for a home visit
  • in the community – at weekly advice sessions around the city – some are drop-in sessions; others are appointment only
  • at appeals or tribunals – supporting residents who appeal benefit decisions and need representation at tribunals
  • in hospitals – for in-patients at Royal Derby Hospital, and for patients at London Road Community Hospital who are recovering from acute mental health problems. Advice is also delivered from St James House, Mansfield Road to community mental health teams and their clients
  • at events – working with other organisations to make sure that people apply for the benefits they are entitled to. Every autumn, it holds a major event promoting ‘take up’ in a city centre venue
  • to service users in adult social care – supporting people moving into their own homes after being in residential care.

Other ways Derby Advice provides advice…

  • in organisations - where employees are facing redundancy or where there may only be part-time/temporary employment opportunities
  • through employability workshops - for young people who are not in employment, education or training
  • through employment projects – for example, helping people with learning disabilities to understand the financial impact of starting work.

Who can contact Derby Advice?

Derby Advice provides advice to all Derby residents, including those who may qualify for benefits, such as:

  • people with physical or mental health problems or disabilities
  • older people
  • people facing unemployment
  • people moving from unemployment to part-time or temporary employment
  • carers
  • foster carers
  • young people who are not in employment, education or training
  • people with learning disabilities
  • people arriving from the European Union and other new communities
  • anyone who is thinking of going back to work after a major illness like stroke.

Derby Advice can also advise professionals working for public and voluntary sector organisations in Derby and local councillors who represent Derby residents.

Derby Advice training

Derby Advice is the main provider of welfare rights training for public and voluntary sector organisations in the East Midlands. Contact Derby Advice to discuss your organisation’s training needs. For more information, visit our Derby Advice Training page.

What happens if I'm told I'm not entitled to welfare benefit or my benefit is being stopped?

Contact Derby Advice for advice about what you can do, and about appealing against the benefit decision. Don't delay, as there are strict time limits. If necessary, Derby Advice will represent you at an appeal tribunal.

How much welfare benefit I am entitled to?

The amount of welfare benefit you are entitled to depends on your personal circumstances. Contact Derby Advice to find out how much welfare benefit you may be entitled to. This is a complex calculation and it’s helpful to speak to an adviser to get a full and accurate assessment.

Where can I get advice on money/debt problems or help with budgeting?

You can get advice from Derby Advice's Money advice line.

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