Birth - registering

When should I register the birth of my child/children?

You need to register a birth within 42 days of your child or children being born.

Where should I register the birth?

The birth has to be registered in the office of the district where it happened. You need to make an appointment with one of our registrars at the Council House or Royal Derby Hospital using our simple online booking system.

If it is difficult to visit an office in Derby, you may go to any Register Office in England and Wales to provide information for the birth registration by declaration. The information you provide will be posted on to us and once we have registered the birth.

Who can register the birth?

Either the mother or father of the baby can register alone if they are married.

If the parents are not married to each other, both parents must usually attend to register at the same time. If the mother prefers that no details of the father are given, she can attend alone.

What information will the registrar ask for?

We will ask you for the full name and surname of the child.

You will need to give us full names of the parent or parents, dates and places of birth, date of marriage, if married and occupations.

This registration process normally takes 20 minutes.

What documents will I be issued with?

There is a fee for all certificates issued. You will need to pay by debit or credit card as we only accept cash in certain circumstances.

Please note from the 1 November 2017, free short birth certificates will no longer be issued.

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