Participation evidence

It is important to be able to evidence how Derby City Council and partners have involved children and young people in the decision making to improve services. And also evidence what differences it has made.

There is an online survey for all organisations to complete that will take you through a series of questions. The purpose is to find out:

  1. Who you consulted with, for example; children, young people or parents/carers.
  2. What you asked them.
  3. What they said.
  4. What you did about what they said.

The information collated will be analysed and the findings presented in a report to the Children, Families and Learners Board. This information will also form evidence for any future inspection bodies.

Anyone wishing to submit evidence of how they have involved, listened to and acted upon what children, young people and parents or carers have said, please email Adele Styles

Download the Guide for completing the Participation Evidence form online survey.

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