Your future!

Why should you get involved?

Your say is important in improving your community and city, to make it more appropriate for children and young people’s needs.

You can show how you’ve got involved and what difference it’s made. Here is what Philip and Kirsty had to say about their involvement in decision making:

The opportunity to have my voice heard equipped me to become a more effective and determined leader. Being able to influence decision making also enabled me to improve my city and community, (as my views helped ensure the B_Line continued for an additional three years/ thereby providing myself with a sense of pride as to the difference I could make). Gaining these skills and abilities has enabled me to become far more successful and accomplish goals I never previously dreamed possible. It inspired me to apply and successfully gain a place at Oxford University to study Philosophy, Politics, and Economics.
Philip Hutchinson


Having a voice as a young person has given me great opportunities like being involved with the Young Mind conference in London, where I learned leadership and communication skills and even led a workshop! I gave my views about mental health and it led me to employment. I enjoy giving my views because I feel it is making a positive impact on other young people in the community.
Kirsty Glover

How will it benefit you?

It will benefit you in the future as you can:

  • put this on a CV, job application, college or university application
  • help you with public speaking
  • improve your communication skills with other young people and professionals
  • gain knowledge about services for children and young people.

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