The Pledge

  1. We will show you how to contact your Social Worker. We will tell you who to contact if things go wrong and what to do if you need urgent help.
  2. We will provide a safe place for you to live. We want you to know that you are safe, protected and valued and can trust those caring for you.
  3. We will encourage and support you to participate in wider opportunities to build your confidence so that you are able to make safe decisions for yourself.
  4. If you need someone to talk to, this includes at evenings and weekends, we will make sure you know who to call.
  5. We will respect you for who you are. We will help you to develop a strong sense of personal identity and maintain your cultural and religious beliefs.
  6. We will help you to access all the services you need to keep you healthy and safe.
  7. We will support you to get the most from your education and encourage you to reach all your goals and achieve your potential by providing apprenticeships and work experience.
  8. We will help you to understand all of your rights and help you to join with other young people to share your views, concerns and aspirations.
  9. We will ensure your voice is at the heart of all decisions made about you and that you understand why and when meetings are held.
  10. We will join with you to celebrate your 18th birthday and ensure you are prepared for and supported into adulthood.


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