Challenging behaviour - Support for Parents and Carers

Supporting Adults and Children over 18

What is Challenging Behaviour or Behaviours of Concern

Some adults may display behaviour which could put themselves or others at risk. This behaviour could be disruptive, self-injurious or destruction to property; in some cases aggression towards others.

When the adult is displaying such behaviours we must try to see it as a form of communication.

The purpose of our behaviour is to get our needs met

However, when these behaviours are displayed they may seriously limit or deny the adult access to ordinary community activities and facilities such as shops, clubs, the gym and going swimming.

We can help parents and carers experiencing these difficulties to support the adult using a technique called PROACT-SCIPr-UK®.

Supporting someone with Challenging Behaviour or Behaviours of Concern

If you are currently caring for or supporting someone with challenging behaviour or behaviours of concern, we can help and support you in the home environment.

It is important that all aspects of problem behaviour are explored and discussed to give a better understanding of an individuals specific needs.

A positive approach should:

  • be preventative
  • concentrate on how we interpret and respond to the setting and trigger conditions in order to develop alternative adaptive behaviours
  • be defined by what the individual needs
  • be activities that surround an individual that create a satisfying life
  • ensure the individual feels successful and is empowered
  • provide an emphasis on lifestyle change
  • be proactive.

Contact us to find out what support we can offer. This may include informal support or some theoretical training. You may find it useful to write down what behaviour is being displayed or is worrying you - download the 'We think communication chart' to record this.

If you have a social worker and you would feel more comfortable speaking directly to them, please contact adult social care on 01332 640777.

If you are supporting a child under the age of 18 who displays challenging behaviour, please telephone the First Contact Team for support on 01332 641172.

Aims and Objectives

  • improving the quality of life
  • working in ways to reduce challenging behaviour or behaviours of concern
  • increasing the skills and confidence for adults and carers
  • supporting the Dignity Factors for all people such as communication, choice and control and social inclusion
  • using person-centred tools to help achieve personal outcome
  • provide information on how to support individuals through a crisis in the least restrictive way complying with the Mental Capacity Act 2005; this may include physical interventions but only when agreed by all, as a last resort and under a Duty of Care.

These techniques will meet current legislation and Care Quality Commission standards.


PROACT-SCIPr-UK® stands for Positive Range of Options to Avoid Crisis and use Therapy and Strategies for Crisis Intervention and Prevention. It is the registered trademark of Marion Cornick who is the Chair of The Loddon School Trustees and Director of Liaise Loddon Ltd.

This technique emphasises a 'whole person approach' when supporting individuals through a crisis in a sensitive and caring way, so that the needs of the person are met.


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