Ex-armed forces homelessness advice

You should also be treated as being vulnerable and in priority need for accommodation if you can show that your vulnerability is as a result of being a former member of the armed forces.

Find out if you have a priority need on Shelter's website.

You must have a local connection to where your base was situated to be accepted as homeless there.

Information about what a local connection is can be found on Shelter's website.

You should also consider if you are able to show a local connection with this or another local council area where you have close family connections.

There are a range of services for veterans who are homeless and on the streets:

  • day centres are a useful source of practical support – they provide a warm place to stay during the day and may also be able to offer food, clothing, laundry facilities and showers
  • Royal British Legion – might be able to help with a rent deposit Call 0808 8028080
  • SSAFA – provide housing advice to ex services and current services personnel. 0800 7314880.

You may qualify for help from us if you have left the armed forces some time in the past and are now homeless or threatened with homelessness.

If it is accepted that you are homeless and in priority need we can help you with both emergency and longer-term accommodation.

Find out if you have a priority need on Shelter's website.

We will consider if we can help you using both general rules that apply to everyone and specific rules that apply to people who were in the forces.

It can be easier to get help if you qualify under the general rules for people in priority need. For example, if you have dependent children or are pregnant.

Veterans Gateway

The Veterans Gateway is the first point of contact for veterans seeking support. Veterans’ Gateway is made up of a consortium of organisations and Armed Forces charities. Telephone: 0808 802 1212.

Veterans Housing advice (VHA)

STOLL Housing and helping veterans

Leading provider of supported housing to vulnerable veterans. Telephone: 020 7385 2110.

Haig Housing Trust

Haig Housing Trust supports housing for the ex-service community. Applications are assessed using a points system which combines Service Points and Need Points. Priority is normally given to those with greatest need.

War Memorial Village Derby

War Memorial Village Derby provides homes for local ex-service men and women who have a disability. Applications are managed by Derby Homes, Allenton Housing Office, Bingham Street, Derby DE24 9BS.

Army Family Federation

Army family Federation is the independent voice of army families and offers confidential advice. Telephone: 01264 382324.