Interactive PCN challenge guide

This tool will allow you to review some of the common reasons behind why motorists contact the Council upon receiving a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) and it will help to guide you through the challenge process. It should be noted that this is a guide only, and all challenges are considered on their individual merits.

Making payment will close your case so please do not pay if you have submitted a challenge. Once you submit a challenge, your case will be put on hold and the amount owed will not increase, and you will be advised in our response whether you need to pay or not. The Council will aim to respond to all challenges within 21 days meaning there is no need to contact the Council again in the interim period.

Please note that we can only accept challenges from the registered keeper.

Please select the contravention below which appears on your PCN, you can find this on the front face where it states "Contravention code".