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We can investigate and take a statement from you with the following information.

  • Day, date, time
  • Who was with you
  • What you saw
  • Description of people
  • What you saw them do
  • Description of the vehicle used, especially the registration number, colour, make and model
  • Where were you and what kind of view did you have
  • How far away were you
  • What was the weather like
  • Description of the litter - quantity, appearance, loose/bagged
  • If you can, take photographs 

Leaving food that birds do not immediately eat is classed as littering.

  • It encourages rodents and is unsightly.
  • It is causing an overpopulation of pigeons. 
  • It is creating a lot of bird mess. 

Please do not feed the pigeons but a handful of suitable wildfowl food should be enough for the ducks and swans.

For more information, download the document Please do not feed the pigeons.

It is an offence to drop, throw, or deposit and leave litter anywhere.

  • If you are caught committing the offence of dropping litter in the city, you may face prosecution or a fixed penalty of £150.
  • If you pay your fixed penalty within 14 days of the offence the matter will be closed.
  • If you pay within ten days the penalty will be discounted to £90 for early payment.
  • If the fixed penalty is refused or not paid then court proceedings will begin and you could be fined up to £1000.
  • Fixed penalty notices can also be used for other environmental crimes and anti-social behaviour.