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We’ll set up a prepaid card account for you.

Your direct payment as agreed in your support plan will be paid in advance straight into the account.

You can use the account to pay for services that meet your needs.

If you receive your personal budget as a direct payment on a pre-paid card account, please arrange to pay your assessed financial contribution directly into your pre-paid card account.

You can arrange to do this by setting up a payment method such as a standing order or a direct debit from your personal account. This will ensure you have sufficient funds in your pre-paid card account to pay for care as outlined in your support plan.

If you pay every four weeks, Direct Debit is an easy way to pay. You’ll get the form to set up a Direct Debit the first time we write to tell you what you need to pay.

Download a new form here. Please make sure you write your 7-digit customer reference number on the form when you fill it in.

We will let you know when we will collect your payments in a letter.

Payment cards can be used to pay with cash at many convenient locations including PayPoint, pay zone and e-pay outlets.

Get in touch with us to ask for a card. It normally takes about two weeks to arrive. The card will come with a list of places where you can pay in your area.

When you want to pay, take your statement and card to somewhere you can pay. Tell the cashier how much you’d like to pay, and keep the receipt as a record of the payment you’ve sent to us.

If you lose your card, we can send you a free replacement. It does not contain information about you or your account.

Contact us if you would like to pay with your debit card or credit card.

You can use one of the touchscreen payment systems within the Council House reception. To do this you need to:

  • select Pay For A Service > Homecare Charges
  • enter your seven digit customer reference number
  • enter your name and address
  • select how you want to pay – cash or card
  • please ensure you keep your printed receipt. 

If you have any queries or problems using the payment kiosks, please speak to a member of staff at reception.