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How to travel to school

We want to improve our information to parents and carers about the options for your child to travel to a particular school.

We are currently developing interactive maps for each school that provide information about walking and cycling distances. The following maps are available:


We also have information about walking routes from home to your child's school or on to other schools which may show footpaths you aren't aware of.

Pedestrian crossings have been marked on the maps to help plan your journeys. Some of the schools may also have a school crossing patrol service or subway. Please encourage your child to use these safely and wear light or reflective clothing so they can be more easily seen.


The maps show cycle routes available in the area. Most schools in Derby now have cycle or scooter storage where your child can store their bike and helmet safely during the day. Cycle training is also available through every primary school in Derby.

We recognise not everyone lives within reasonable walking or cycling distance to school, but there are other options as to how you travel to school, including:


Information on bus services that your child could use to travel to school.

If you have to travel by car, why not think about:

Car share

Share the cost and travel time with another family who live near you.

Park and stride

Drive to a convenient point inside the walking zone and walk the last 10 to 15 minutes of the journey. This will make less congestion outside school and is often easier to get away quicker than travelling all the way to school.

Home to school travel support

It is the responsibility of parents/carers to take children to and from school. Some help may be available for children:

  • who are under eight years who live more than two miles from school
  • who are eight to 16 years old who live more than three miles from school
  • from a family that gets the maximum level of working tax credit
  • from a family entitled to free school meals
  • who can’t walk to school because of their special needs or disability.

What types of help are available?

  • Travel pass to use on a school bus service.
  • Season ticket to use on a local bus service, for travel from home to school and return, on school days only.
  • Refund of child bus fares paid at the end of each term.
  • Fuel allowance for parents, paid in arrears at the end of each term, once the school has confirmed attendance.
  • Taxi or mini bus for children with special needs, disability or difficulty walking.

How do I apply?

1. Pick up an application from:

Schools Transport
The Council House
Corporation Street

2. Contact us and we will send you a form:

Useful forms


Contact details

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Road Safety & Casualty Reduction
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Road Safety & Casualty Reduction
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