Roads - enforcement

We have a responsibility to keep the roads and footpaths safe for all users. Enforcement usually relates to the Highways Act (1980) and includes things such as:

  • mud and/or debris in the road
  • vehicle crossings to properties
  • illegal signs
  • overhanging trees and hedges
  • dangers adjacent to the highway
  • dangerous apparatus in the highway.

In most cases we will contact those responsible and ask them to remove the problem themselves. Examples include:

  • cutting back trees and hedges
  • cleaning the road
  • removing signs
  • building a dropped crossing (or stopping driving over the pavement)
  • making the danger safe.

If we are made aware of one of these problems we initially try to help the person or organisation responsible to comply with the law.  However, we occasionally have to take action against those who will not act within the law.

Enforcement of the New Roads and Streetworks Act (1991)

We also carry out co-ordination and inspections of work in the highway. This includes the work carried out by utility companies, such as water, gas and electricity companies. Our aim is to:

  • minimise traffic disruption
  • ensure work is carried out safely
  • protect the structure of the highway
  • ensure that the street is left in a satisfactory condition after the work.

A percentage of this work is routinely inspected and we will always carry out an inspection if a concern is raised by you. You can find further information on the Roads – roadworks page.

Skips, scaffolds and hoardings in the highway

We issue licences for skips, scaffolds and hoardings that need to be placed in the highway. This ensures that they are placed safely. You can find information on applying for a licence on the Scaffoldings and Hoardings web page.

How can I report a problem?

You can report a problem to us using the contact details on this page.

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