Lighting - street lights

Who is responsible for the street lighting? 

We are responsible for street lighting and illuminated signs and bollards on our roads. In 2007, we entered into a 25 year Private Finance Initiative (PFI, with Balfour Beatty Lighting Derby) to replace and maintain these lights.

To find out more about this project, please visit Lighting Derby.

Why do we need good lighting? 

We are committed to providing good street lighting using the latest technology available. The main objectives of providing and maintaining road lighting are to: 

  • improve road safety
  • reduce the incidence of night time crime
  • improve the perception of street safety and security
  • increase leisure and commercial activity after dark
  • encourage walking, cycling and use of public transport
  • improve the effectiveness of other community safety measures such as closed circuit television (CCTV) and Automatic Number Plate recognition (ANPR)
  • develop safer routes to schools
  • create a quality environment for local people, business and tourism
  • aid and sustain community regeneration
  • provide Best Value.

How do I report a faulty street light?

All street lights, illuminated signs and illuminated bollards have a unique number on them, such as LC12345. Usually this is a black number on a white patch and it helps us if you can tell us what this number is when you contact us. Please give us as much information as possible: 

  • the unique number on the side of the column or the number of the house the light is outside
  • the name of the road and the area
  • what you think is wrong with the light.

Repairing the fault: our standards

The more information we have when the fault is reported, the quicker we can identify how to repair the light. 

We will visit a faulty street light within five working days and try to fix the problem straightaway if they have the replacement part.  

If we cannot repair it on the first visit, we may need to order further parts or make arrangements to have other work undertaken as well. We would programme the work to be completed as soon as possible.

If there is a problem with the electricity supply to the light, we will need to inform the electricity supplier, so it may take up to 25 working days to sort out the problem.

Emergency faults

We class some faults as emergencies and we  aim to attend to these within one hour. 

Examples of emergency faults include:

  •  the door or inspection cover at the bottom is missing and electrical wires are showing
  •  the street light lantern or the bowl is hanging
  •  damaged or knocked down street lighting columns, illuminated signs or illuminated bollards.

 If you see an emergency, report it as soon as possible to Streetpride.


Contact details

Post address:
15 Stores road
DE21 4BD
Phone: 0333 2006981
Minicom: 01332 258427
15 Stores road
DE21 4BD