Roads - flooding - drains and gullies

We are responsible for keeping clean, and fully operational, all roadside drains, known as gullies. Blocked gullies can cause a hazard to the highway users, particularly during periods of heavy rain. A severe downpour can quickly overwhelm a drainage system and it may take a while for the surface water to drain away, particularly if some of the gullies are full or the drains are blocked.

How do I report a blocked gully or sewer?

You can help us to keep the highway safe by reporting any blocked gullies to us.

Public sewers

The water company, Severn Trent Water, own and manage the network of public sewers for both foul and surface water.

To report an overflowing public sewer you should contact Severn Trent Water Customer Services on 0800 783 4444.

Flooding from private sewers or drains

If your private drains or sewers are overflowing you will need a drainage contractor to deal with any blockage. See the Yellow Pages under 'Drain and Pipe Cleaning'. If you are uncertain if any blockage is in the public or private sewers, Severn Trent Water should be able to tell you when they visit the site. You will be recharged for the cost of any work on private sewers.

Flooding from the public highway

For flooding from the public highway or reporting blocked road gullies or gratings, complete the blocked gullies reporting form.

Flooding from a burst water main

Severn Trent Water are responsible for the supply up to, and including, the water stopcock.

Flooding from a water service pipe or internal pipework

This is the responsibility of the homeowner or landlord and would need the attention of a plumber (see the Yellow Pages or one of the other directories).

Flooding from a main river

The main rivers are the responsibility of the Environment Agency and they provide a Floodline, 0800 807060, which is a 24 hour advice and information service for floods and flood warnings. For further information visit the Environment Agency flooding webpage.   

For general enquiries you can telephone 08708 506506, or minicom 08702 422549, between 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday.

Do you provide sandbags?

We make sandbags available to Derby residents during extreme situations, to enable them to protect their homes from flooding. However, residents who are aware that their homes are at a high risk of flooding, for example as a result of the close proximity of a watercourse, are recommended to obtain sandbags from a builders' merchants to enable early preparation. During times of flooding the Council's contractor may not be able to reach all properties before flooding occurs.

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