Combination Seats – Birth to 18kg, Rear Facing

Video transcript

The Group 0/1 Combination seat is used rearwards facing until a child reaches at least 9kg or 20lb and can sit up unaided. The seat can be used up to 13kg or just under 29lb. The seat includes blue belt guides and a standard compliance sticker showing its weight class. The seat will also have a guidance sticker showing how the seatbelt is fitted when used rear facing.


When used in the rearward facing mode, follow the belt guides feeding it through as per the sticker, taking the belt around, again following the illustration. The most important thing now is to ensure we have got it tight enough. Once tightened, always check it down at the beginning section (flick the belt).

If the beginning is tight enough that you can flick it, there is sufficient tension on there. Now need to look for good anchor points, check both sides of the seat ensuring that the belt is pulling towards the rear of the vehicle giving it a good secure fit.


Make sure your child is the correct age and weight to use this seat. Use the guidance sticker to fit the car seat correctly. Make sure the seatbelt is tight by pushing down on the seat whilst pulling the belt through.

Check the anchor point is correct. Remember, when a child seat is not being used place it in the boot or fasten it down to prevent it causing an injury in a collision.

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