Fitting Tips – Bad and Negative Anchor Points

Video transcript

The anchor point refers to the lap belt section of the seat belt. Looking for it to be pulling the seat towards the rear of the vehicle to create a good anchor point. When we experience a bad anchor point we will find that the seat belt is positioned too far forward from the seat because the belt is going backwards to the belt guide. When this happens you can experience excessive movement in the vehicle which can cause problems in advance to a collision. In some types of seats, like this one, if we experience a negative anchor point, we can utilise the seat in a more reclined position which gives us a greater anchorage, so it moves it further forward avoiding the negative anchorage problem.

By moving the seat from the side seat which is normally dipped to the central seat where it is raised, it will quite often move the seat further up and away from the potential buckle crunch issue. If we still suffer problems with this, we can then try the front seat if necessary providing we have no airbag or the airbag has the facility to be turned off.

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