Car Seat Guide – Group 1

Video transcript

Group one seats are used from approximately 9 months to 4 years. A child must be at least 9kg or 20lb and be sitting up unaided before using this seat.

A Group one seat can be easily identified by the red belt guides and red clamps. The seat will also have a standard compliance sticker indicating the weight classification.

The seat also has a guidance sticker illustrating where both the lap and diagonal section of the seatbelt should go.


When fitting a Group one seat the importance comes down to tension. So we have checked the picture so we know where the seatbelt goes, pass the seatbelt through ensuring it is in the correct guides and finish off by tightening the seat.

Always check it down at the beginning section (flick the seat belt). You then need to double check that there is a good anchor point on both sides of the seat. So we are looking for the lap belt section to be pulling rearwards from the seat towards the back of the vehicle.

If this belt is too far forwards it will create a negative anchor point, and also that the buckle is not too high up, putting the buckle under undue pressure causing it to potentially shatter in an accident.


Make sure your child is the correct age and weight to use this seat. Use the information on the guidance sticker to fit the seatbelt correctly. Make sure the seatbelt is tight by pushing down on the seat whilst pulling the belt through.

Check the anchor points and buckle position are correct. Remember, when a child car seat is not being used, place it in the boot or fasten it down to prevent it causing an injury in a collision.

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