Car Seat Guide - Group 0

Video transcript 

Group 0 seats must be used rearwards facing from birth until a child at least 9kg or 20lb and has the ability to sit up unaided.

A Group 0 seat is clearly identified by the blue belt guides and by the standard compliance sticker showing its weight class.

The seat will also have a guidance sticker illustrating how it should be fitted and importantly where the handle should be positioned.


When fitting the seat most important part is once we have followed the picture, is ensuring that we have got the seat fitted tightly. So we will feed the seat belt as per the diagram ensuring that the handle is positioned again as per the diagram. Importance now comes on insuring we have it tight enough, you should check it by flicking the beginning section of the belt to ensure there is enough tension.


The seat is identified by the blue belt guide. Use the information on the guidance sticker to fit the seat belt correctly. And check the handle is properly positioned. Make sure the seat belt is tight by pushing down on the seat whilst pulling the belt through. Remember when a child car seat is not being used, place it in the boot or fasten it down to prevent it causing an injury in a collision.

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