Can I use a child seat if air bags are fitted?

Video transcript 

Car seats shouldn’t be used in the front seat with an active airbag. The problem with an active airbag is that they are designed for an adult tough body and bone structure. Some vehicles have the ability to turn it off, the switch is normally on the side of the dash board, sometimes in the glove box or the centre of the vehicle. But ensure that if a child of any age in a Group 0, Group 1, or Group 2/3 booster, the air bag is turned off. Some vehicles have their own make of car seats that have a transponder, it automatically disables the airbag. Either way, there will be a display on the dashboard indicating that the passenger airbag has been turned off. It must be turned back on if there is an adult passenger travelling in the vehicle. Some people physically remove the airbag to allow their child in the front seat, if you choose to do that, inform your insurance company as it can invalidate your insurance if this has been done without their say-so.

Vehicle with side airbags, the only seat away from them is in the centre of the vehicle; although most side airbags are deployed up high to protect an adults head, rather than down at torso level. Most child seats now incorporate side protection against airbags being deployed to the side.

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